Technical and Applied Studies

TAS subjects aim to engage and challenge students in a wide range of practical activities. These tasks provide opportunities for them to achieve an understanding and success in areas relevant to them. The College aims to educate by means of involving students in creative and practical experiences using a range of technologies and materials. These technologies may be used for researching, designing and producing products, systems, and environments. They allow for an in depth study and use of materials such as: timber, metal, leather and information systems. Through the use of resources, materials, tools and technologies, students are able to develop critical thinking and practical skills.

All workshops (timber and metal) are constantly updated with a variety of modern and well-maintained machines. From years 7 to 12, students make full use of computer technology for research and various stages of production for projects. A specialised computer laboratory is available for TAS classes that contain CAD programs such as: AutoCAD, Inventor and Revit.

The Computing Studies area of the faculty understands the need for students to look to the future in technological advancements and appreciate where it has all come from.

Through the study of various areas, in Information Technology and other industries, such as Information, Intelligent, Multimedia, Communication Systems and Software development; a broad understanding of past, current and emerging technologies is acquired.

All Computing Studies courses allow students to gain skills in using software and hardware to investigate and analyse computer-based systems. They also learn about input, processing and output when working with simple and complex problems. Such courses will equip students with a range of knowledge and skills, enabling them to learn and understand new applications

Such preparation is necessary for employment in Information Technology and other industries.

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