2017 Athletics Carnival

The 2017 Athletics Championships were held on Friday August 18 at ES Marks Field in  Kensington. The blustery conditions made it very difficult, but full credit to the staff and students of the College who participated with enthusiasm to ensure we had a successful carnival.

The Age Champions will be announced at the next College Assembly. Congratulations to Vaughan House, for winning their third Athletics Championship in a row. The final results were:

Vaughan 1168 points
Moran  1151 points
Kelly 1028 points
Polding 968 points

2017 Swimming Carnival

The St Mary’s Cathedral College community gathered under heatwave conditions at Canterbury Pool for the annual carnival on Friday 10th February. The oppressive heat did not wilt House spirit, however, with constant cheering happening throughout the course of the day. Congratulations to Polding House for their overall win, their fourth in succession. Polding were ably led by House Captain Jonathan Shead and the students of Year 12. Final Results were:

Polding 521 points
Kelly 383 points
Moran 373 points
Vaughan 368 points

Individual Age Champions will be recognised at our forthcoming Academic Assembly. Thank you to the large number of parents who came along on the day to support the students. Finally a big thankyou to all the staff that attended the day and assisted with the smooth running of the carnival.