Religious Education

Jesus Christ is the great model in the teaching of our faith. His example has been an inspiration to the faithful over two thousand years.  The mission to continue Jesus’ message has been entrusted to us in various ways. It is a calling and a privilege that we cannot treat lightly.” (Faithful To God: Faithful To People, CEO Sydney, 1995)

As a Christian Brothers’ Catholic College, the vision of St Mary’s Cathedral College comes from Scripture, the Ministry of Jesus Christ and the charism and philosophy of Edmund Ignatius Rice.

Through the Religious Education Curriculum, Cathedral College provides each student with a quality education encompassing intellectual, spiritual, physical and cultural elements. We endeavour to emulate the core values of Jesus’ teachings and that of Edmund Rice. We hope to provide opportunities and the skills for our students to meet the challenge of living the Catholic Faith in today’s society.


  • Religious Education
    ○ Stage 4
  • Year 7 and Year 8 Catholic Studies
    ○ Stage 5
  • Year 9 and Year 10 Catholic Studies
    ○ Stage 6
  • Year 11 and Year 12 Catholic Studies
  • Studies of Religion
  • Preliminary (Year 11) HSC (Year 12) 1 Unit
  • Preliminary (Year 11) HSC (Year 12) 2 Unit

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