The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) Program at St Mary’s Cathedral College aims to contribute significantly to the intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of students. It provides opportunities for students to learn about, and practise ways of, adopting and maintaining a healthy, productive and active life. It also involves students learning through movement experiences that are both challenging and enjoyable, and improving their capacity to move with skill and confidence in a variety of situations. It promotes the value of physical activity in their lives.

At our College, PDHPE is a compulsory course of study across Years 7 to 10. It may also be chosen as a 2 Unit course of study for the HSC. In Years 9 and 10 there is there option to choose Physical Activity & Sports Studies (PASS) as an elective course of study. This course allows students to explore various aspects of physical activity and sport in more depth. The Sport, Lifestyle & Recreation (SLR) course is also offered as a 2 Unit HSC subject aimed primarily at students who have progressed to senior studies but who may not be necessarily following an ATAR directed pattern of study.

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