Pastoral Care


Catholic schools have always been widely acknowledged for their high standard of pastoral care. All those associated with Catholic education can be proud of this tradition. The key to good teaching and learning in our schools is the learning environment, and the quality of this environment is significantly determined by the human relationships within the school. Pastoral care cannot be thought of in separate terms from the teaching and learning within the school; it is a key determinant of successful learning. This vision of pastoral care in Catholic Schools permeates all levels of the pastoral care structure at Cathedral College from Year 3 through to Year 12, and is the compass that guides us in all aspects of College life.


All staff at St Mary’s Cathedral College are involved in the pastoral care of our students. The following considerations are always of the utmost importance to us when dealing with staff, students and their families:

  • All persons involved are treated with dignity and respect – students, parents, staff and the wider community;
  • Pastoral concern for the student and his family is always a key consideration;
  • Concern for both the individual and the welfare of the total school community is paramount;
  • Each situation is dealt with in its total context, taking into account facts, circumstances, and people involved;
  • All consequences of a situation are always thoroughly examined before action is taken;
  • The Principal is responsible for the overall administration and conduct of the College.

We are committed to:

  • The ongoing development of an integrated Pastoral Care program across the College community
  • The constant recognition of the developmental stages in students in our discipline policy

    The provision of opportunities for students to grow and develop leadership skills and to be active community members

  • The thorough preparation and careful delivery of lessons as a means of providing astute student management
  • The ongoing refining of co-curricular activities to foster students’ development in their range of talents and interests
  • The constant reinforcement and strengthening of a culture that builds self-confidence, motivation and a desire in students to develop their abilities to the highest level
  • The reinforcement of behaviour management practices of students consistent with our values and pastoral care policy.
  • Basis of Discretion E.g. The Principal may intervene in normal discipline procedures as deemed necessary. e.g. the Principal reserves the right to vary this policy as deemed necessary.The Principal reserves the right at all times to review current practices and recommend changes that are appropriate and in the best interest of the school or individual students.