Vision & Mission


St Mary’s Cathedral College espouses the evangelising mission of the Church promoting Gospel Spirituality, Justice and Solidarity, an Inclusive Community and Liberating Education. Through collaboration between the Church, parents, staff and students, the College fosters the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional development of the whole person, preparing students for the challenges of today, tomorrow and forever.
“Have courage; the good seed will grow up in the children’s hearts later on.” (Edmund Rice)

Mission Statement

Mt 5:15
“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.”

At St Mary’s Cathedral College, we share the responsibility of the family and the Church in educating our students in the evangelising mission of the Church. We enable them to cultivate their abilities and achieve their potential. We are committed to creating a Christian environment, with the teachings of Jesus Christ at its core. The parents and staff are partners in promoting growth of the Catholic faith in our students, nurturing a College community where each student feels valued and loved, in the charism of Edmund Rice.

Therefore, through the intercession of Mary, Mother of God and our Mother:
In light of Gospel Spirituality, and as a faith community, we foster spiritual development and provide Religious Education in the traditions of the Catholic faith.

In Liberating Education, we promote excellence and the value of lifelong learning through innovative and authentic teaching practice.

As an Inclusive Community, we empower all of our students to achieve to the best of their abilities, providing them with a comprehensive education, enriched by a wealth of opportunities and experiences.

In Justice and Solidarity, we build strong relationships with each other and forge networks with the wider community.

Edmund Rice: “The will of God be done in this and everything we undertake.”

Solidarity – Mission – Community – Courage