2017 HSC Results

The St Mary’s Cathedral College Class of 2017 continued the tradition of achieving outstanding HSC results. From a cohort of 96 students, 34 candidates appeared at least once on the Premier’s Distinguished Achievers list, which requires students to achieve a Band 6 (a mark above 90) in an individual subject. Students from the College recorded a total of 70 appearances on the list, with a further four notional Band 6 results. When expressed as a percentage of courses examined, this result placed the College in 118th position in the state, and among the state’s best performing non-selective boys’ schools. Boys who received results in the highest band were: Terence Au, Sergio Barca, Ryan Beetson, Harrison Carr, Thomas Cherian, Leonard Chung, Will Devenish, Paulo Franks, Max Furby, Jonathan Green, Seth Gripton, Damien Ha, William Hack, Jonathan Harris, Jarrod Houbert, Nicholas Jacobs, Daniel Jajcevic, Christopher Kartsiotis, Matthew Mallos, Joel Marks, Angus McGregor, Conor McLynsky, Juan Simon Mendoza, Nicholas Mooney, Benjamin Morrison, Markus Nasser, Conor Nastasi, Daniel Roth, Michael Salem, Ivan Siljeg, Thomas Sweeney, Daniel Tedjasendjaja, Billy Vasiliou, and Edward Wong

Furthermore, the College received two mentions on NESA’s Top Achievers list for students who have gained one of the top places in a HSC course. Congratulations to Daniel Jajcevic for his seventh place in Industrial technology and Billy Vasiliou for his fifth place in Construction. We are also proud of Daniel Jajcevic (Industrial Technology), Sergio Barca (Music 2 and Music Extension), Paolo Franks (Music Extension), Thomas Sweeney (PDHPE), and Billy Vasiliou (Construction) all of whom achieved the highest HSC mark within the Sydney diocese for their respective course.

Cathedral students scored an average mark above the state average in 24 of the 25 courses offered. Courses with notable above-state-averages included Biology (5.8), Industrial Technology (15.13), Mathematics (5.58), Mathematics General (5.99), Music 1 (5.05), PDHPE (6.57), Studies of Religion (9.02) and Visual Arts (5.31).

The College is equally proud of the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) achieved by many of our students. This rank is used by students to attain places in universities. Eighteen students received an ATAR over 90. We congratulate all these students. Special mention is due to Angus McGregor, the College Dux of 2016, who received an ATAR of 97.40. Other students who received an ATAR above 90 were: Terence Au (97.2), Thomas Sweeney (97.15), Joel Marks (96.5), Daniel Jajcevic (96.35), Markus Nasser (96.25), Conor Nastasi (95.45), William Hack (95.1), Edward Wong (94.7), Romani Mikhail (94.6), Nicholas Mooney (94.1), Thomas Cherian (94.05), Ivan Siljeg (93.6), Damian Ha (93.25), Nicholas Jacobs (92.95), William Devenish (92.6), Conor McLynskey (92.45), and Harrison Carr (91.25).

Congratulations are also due to Sergio Barca who received a nomination for Encore, which is a program which acknowledges outstanding performances, compositions and musicology by students from their HSC Music examinations; and to Matthew Mallos (Multimedia), Kevin Al-Haddad (Graphics), Daniel Jajcevic (Graphic), Christopher Kartsiotis (Timber), Daniel Roth (Graphics), and Michael Salem (Graphics) whose works were nominated for InTech and Shape, showcases celebrating the elite major works in Industrial Technology. Nicholas Mooney (Multimedia) was not only nominated but will present his work at Shape.

Once again, I wish to congratulate the class of 2017 on their hard work and commendable results. It is worth noting that these results would not have been achieved without the excellent guidance from the Cathedral staff.

Mr Jason Marks
Leader of Learning, Curriculum