2016 HSC Results

The St Mary’s Cathedral College Class of 2016 achieved the best HSC results for the College for a number of years. From a cohort of 103 students, 35 candidates appeared at least once on the Premier’s Distinguished Achievers list, which requires students to achieve a Band 6 (a mark above 90) in an individual subject. Students from the College recorded a total of 79 appearances on the list, with a further five notional Band 6 results. When expressed as a percentage of courses examined, this result placed the College in 109th position in the state, a marked leap on 2015, and among the state’s best performing non-selective boys’ schools. Furthermore, the College received two mentions on the NSW Premier’s All-Rounders list of students who achieved a Band 6 in every subject. Congratulations to Sebastian Chua and Kurt Glaser on this outstanding achievement.

Cathedral students scored an average mark above the state average in 27 of the 29 courses offered. Courses with notable above-state-averages included Industrial Technology (14.36% above state average), Ancient History (12.64%), Information Processes and Technology (9.06%), Studies of Religion II (8.95%), Mathematics (8.20%), Mathematics (General) (7.43%), Modern History (7.22%), Biology (6.03%), Legal Studies (5.6%), Physics (5.54%), and Construction (5.51%).

The College is equally proud of the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) achieved by many of our students. This rank is used by students to attain places in universities. Twenty-four students received an ATAR over 90. We congratulate all these students. Special mention is due to Sebastian Chua, the College Dux of 2016, who received  an ATAR of 99.50.

Congratulations are also due to Matthew Burns, Eoin Liehr and Joe Serra, whose collaborative Drama Project received a nomination for OnStage, and to James Kassiou, Jordan Lorenzatto, Lachlan Paull, Jayden Lam, Zachary Tellis, Louie Zacharopoulos, and David Zhu, whose Industrial Technology Major Works have been nominated for InTech.

Once again, I wish to congratulate the class of 2016 on their hard work and commendable results. It is worth noting that these results would not have been achieved without the excellent guidance from the Cathedral staff.

Mr Jason Marks
Leader of Learning, Curriculum